Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Failure of Logic

     Attorneys are logical by nature. The Law School Admittance Test (LSAT) is designed to test one's reasoning ability. Law School classes routinely use the Socratic method. After all, isn't truth like math? Doesn't 2 plus 2 always equal 4?

     The answer is "No."

     A study of Quantum Physics reveals that two particles can occupy the exact same space at the same time. Two particles may equal one. How? No one knows. In many ways, Quantum Physics is a religion, a matter of Faith. It also demonstrates the failure of reasoning. The science produced miracles such as the transistor. It works. We just don't know why.

In a Quantum World, one does not always equal one.

Logic works when all data is provided. So, two reasonable people should reach the same decision if given the same information? However, what if they received different or less information? Do any two people have the same, exact information about anything? can any two have the same view of an object as the other?

     Have you ever had a "hunch," or a "feeling" that turned out to be right? Maybe it didn't seem rational at the time, but it was? The reason it was right, although it seemed irrational, is there was data you did not have. When you use hindsight, those events make sense, but that is because you can measure the result by its data.

     George Lucas might call it "using the force." Others call it "instinct," or the "supernatural." Whatever it is called, we have the ability to process information which we do not recognize or understand. It is a sixth sense. Trust it. Don't be misled by the Failure of Logic.

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