Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In today's society, a valid driver's license is a necessity. The State calls it a "privilege." Most jobs are more than 10 miles from an employees home. If you live in a large City, there may be public transportation available to you. Otherwise, it is a long walk, unless a co-worker can give you a lift.

Losing your driving privileges is serious. Driving with a suspended license is a class 1 Misdemeanor, punishable by 120 days imprisonment. It also creates an additional suspension on your license. For the first offense, it is a one year suspension. There is a 2 year suspension for the second offense, and your license is permanently suspended for a third offense.

In North Carolina, limited privileges are available for a driver with a suspended license under very limited circumstances. Usually, none are available.

The trouble is that a driving privileges can be suspended for any one of dozens of reasons. Of course, serious offenses, such as DWI or Excessive Speeding can result in a suspension. Too many drivers license points can cause a revocation. Missing a court date can cause an indefinite suspension. Not paying a fine or court costs will do the same. Driving during a period of suspension can create further suspensions, even a permanent one. Your license may be suspended and you may not know it until you are stopped at a drivers license checkpoint.

If you are charged with Driving with a Suspended/Revoked License, contact our office. We not only defend you in Court, but we try to recover your license. It is not uncommon for our clients to leave court with the charges dismissed and a valid drivers license in hand. Mr. Dawson has been practicing law since 1982. He is well familiar with traffic law. He is versed in how suspensions are caused and how they may be recovered. Many attorneys believe that the only way to get their clients on the road legally again is through a DMV Hearing. Sometimes, that is the only recourse. However, Hearings take time and are not always available. What we do is address whatever caused the suspension. in some instances, we can erase a suspension by filing a Motion to strike a Failure to Appear, or a Failure to Pay Fine. 

Here is a free word of advice. Do not ask the DMV how to recover your license. They are not trained to do that. If you ask them how to get rid of an indefinite suspension, they may tell you to pay a ticket. That may cause several other suspensions, even a permanent one. They may tell you to wait and request a Hearing at a later date. So, you drive while your license is revoked until then. When you get to the Hearing, you have to swear under oath that you did not drive during your period of suspension, or else you are usually denied. If you get another ticket before the Hearing, you lose your chance at it, and your suspension is increased.

So act now. We can help you. Most Courts want to help you recover your license, so you can drive legally again with insurance. For more information, visit our website at:


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